Why Choose Aviación Tejedor

Please find below a brief overview of our school in Argentina

Why Choose Us

Aviacion Tejedor is a Government-Private (40-60%) Equity Flight School, under Entity of Aeronautical Development Scheme of Provincial Government of San Luis, Argentina and annual education tax exemption benefit of Transport Secretariat. and ALAS SERVICIOS S.A.S GROUP Pvt. Ltd.
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Active Aircrafts
Hangars at Valle De Conlara International with In-House Maintenance
Flight Instructors

We have two airports as operational bases:

Valle de Conlara International Airport

Main Operations Base

We have 90% operational rights of the million dollar airport with 2 weekly commercial flights, and we being the only ATO

Carlos Tejedor

Administrative Office and Secondary Base

It's a small airstrip used as re-fuel stop during Nav Flights and Administrative purposes.


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We have 15 Active Aircrafts (03 of which are seasonally leased to Argentine Airforce for Parachute Training) and 07 Aircrafts on order to be delivered by Jan, 2023. • Our Fleet Includes C152, C172, Technam P2008 & P2002, Piper Navajo and PA-34 • Our school owns 2 Hangars at Valle De Conlara International with In-House Maintenance. • Total Number of Instructors: 12 Flight Instructors

Our training cost is protected by AFIF Training Agreement, hence hourly flight charges/ accommodation or other administrative charges remain constant throughout.

Aviacion Tejedor also has an option to complete final stages of CPL License in U.S.A to get a FAA License at end of training.