Courses - Integrated Zero To CPL

Course Info:

Our Zero to Commercial Pilot License Ab-Initio program is for students having no previous experience in Aviation. This course shall take you from zero to the cockpit offering you a Commercial Pilot License with Night Rating, Instrument Rating and Multi Engine Rating.

Our Training Matches Specific Requirements of:

1. U.S.A
5. CANADA and other ICAO States.

Course Inclusions:

The course includes Theory Training and total of 260+ Flight hours plus minimum of 30 hours Simulator hours.

Course Timeline:

1. Private Pilot License
2. Time Building and Night Rating
3. Instrument Rating 4. Multi Engine Rating
5. Commercial Pilot License

Total Training Duration: 12 Months

Training Location:

1. International Students Base: San Rafael Airport, Mendoza, Argentina

2. We have a training option of starting in Argentina and Final Completion of CPL Training in U.S.A to obtain a FAA CPL License. Contact us for more information

Admission Requirements:

  • Minimum 17 year old when starting the training
  • High School Passout
  • Clean Criminal Background
  • Medically Fit
  • Preferably hold basic knowledge of Physics and Maths

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